Cloth Nappies are not a dirty word.

Hi! Tenai and Maddy here.

As mothers of crazy little boys, we know that life is busy, unpredictable and sometimes a little bit much. 

As humans who live on earth, we know that it’s important to protect the world we have, so our baby’s babies can continue to thrive, just as we are lucky enough to do.

Unfortunately, being eco and being short on time doesn’t usually blend well. And all this focus on convenience is making our environment suffer. 

We’re passionate about removing the barriers for Australian mothers trying to get into cloth nappies. We’re also passionate about educating new mums that THERE IS ANOTHER OPTION.

In today’s convenience-driven world, disposable nappies can be considered the only option. With many mother’s not knowing that Modern Cloth Nappies are just as easy, and also cheaper, better for their baby and better for our planet.

And our mission doesn’t stop at nappies. We’re working hard to expand Bubakin’s current product offering to allow busy Australian families to go eco without adding to their overflowing plate.

Our approach to sustainability is that it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. And it most certainly doesn’t have to be scary. 

In fact, when you become part of Club Bub, you get to join an amazing group of women (hello, instant mum-friends!) who share the same goals, values and struggles as you. 

Tenai + Maddy

About Bubakin

Bubakin was established in 2015 by Brisbane-based mama of two, Tamla. A lover of all things natural and reusable, Tamla was always in search of products to support her as a mother. And cloth nappy’s were an easy choice for her. After a frustration with the fit of most cloth nappies available, Tamla took to the design table to create a range of modern cloth nappies. Built for her children with the ease of use and functionality to do exactly what a nappy should, Bubakin designs developed based on use, feedback and her own experience in using cloth nappies for both children.


In November 2018, the time came for Tamla to pass the torch as her and her family embarked on an overseas adventure.

Enter, Tenai & Maddy. 

Tenai’s son Mason was an original brand rep for Bubakin and longtime lover of the modern cloth nappies. Tenai is based in Brisbane and started her modern cloth nappy journey with the birth of her little dude Mason who is now 15 months old. In the “real world” Tenai is a corporate procedural genius who is relied upon to find the not so easy solutions to make the lives of her colleagues easier. On the weekend, Tenai loves spending her weekends teaching her aerial acrobatics classes, and hanging out with her hubby Dan and two Great Dane crosses (Dutch & Bean).

Madeline was new to the modern cloth nappy scene (but let’s not hold that against her). She’s been a long time low-tox living mama, essential oil lover and nature enthusiast. She lives right near the beach in Mackay and her favourite thing to do is take her 2 ½ year old son Forrest, husband Jack and collie x cattle dog, Murphy, down to the beach for an arvo of salty bliss.