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Using modern cloth nappies might seem like some elusive process with one-hundred-million steps.

Sure, some people might have a very specific process that they follow, but at Bubakin our approach is to do what feels right for our families and to keep it simple!

Here’s a quick overview on how to use modern cloth nappies from start to finish.

How to remove stains from Modern Cloth Nappies

A recent customer who is brand new to modern cloth nappies asked us "how can I keep my modern cloth nappies stain-free?" Of course, this is a reasonable question to ask. And we don't need to explain to most mothers the crisis of a good-old-fashioned poo explosion....

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What goes into creating a Modern Cloth Nappy?

One of the big baulk factors of starting cloth is quite simply put, the upfront cost. What people don't realise often enough is that you can start small and build your stash from there. But also there are a lot of things that go into that one small nappy. Let's...

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