Families choose modern cloth nappies for a number of reasons. One major reason is cost-savings.

Whilst the initial investment in reusable modern cloth nappies is higher than purchasing a packet or two of disposable nappies; you save money in the long term.

A question we’re often asked is, “how much money will I save using modern cloth nappies?” And our answer? It depends…

Take a read of what will affect how much money you can save using modern cloth nappies, and for a typical breakdown of costs and savings.

Your preferred modern cloth nappy

Modern cloth nappies cost anywhere from $7 per nappy to $35; rule-of-thumb being the more you spend the better quality nappy you’ll get. Saying this, each brand’s fit is slightly different and will suit different types of babies. So it’s important to choose the brand that works for you (regardless of cost). After all, there’s no point scrimping on nappies if they leak every time you use them.

Part-time or full-time?

Many mums that start looking into modern cloth nappies expect that they’re going to have to just switch to using reusable nappies cold-turkey; 24-hours a day. That’s not true. At Bubakin, we like to encourage our customers to ease into using modern cloth nappies. Start with one-a-day and build up your knowledge and confidence.

Some families then choose to stick with part-time usage as it’s what works for them. Some part-time nappy routines include:

  • Only during the day (disposables at night)
  • Only in the home (disposables when out and about)
  • One or two a day (to reduce the sheer number of disposables used)
  • Only when mum changes the nappy (we’re found some husbands prefer to stick to using disposables)

The main takeaway is that there’s no right or wrong way to do modern cloth nappies; the point is you’re trying to make small positive changes.

When you start using modern cloth nappies

It’s quite rare that a mum will use modern cloth nappies from the second their baby is born. Often, even mums that know they’re going to use modern cloth nappies eventually, will stick to disposables in the hospital until the meconium has passed. In other situations, mums will wait until the whole “shock” of the newborn period has calmed down and they find their groove with this new human in their lives.

Other times, mums are unaware of the benefits of modern cloth nappies and don’t catch on until their baby is a little older. Regardless of when you start your modern cloth nappy journey; there are always benefits.

So, how much will you actually save using modern cloth nappies?

We’ve broken down the average cost of disposables for use up to 2 1/2 years, plus the nightime nappies required for a further 1 year. Remember, these are just indicative costs and every family will reflect different situations.


Newborn Disposable nappy @ $0.30 each (10 nappies/day for 3 months) = $273.75

Disposable nappy @ $0.47 each (5 nappies/day for 27 months) = $1,929.95

Night nappies @ $1.09 each (1/day for 12 months) = $397.85

TOTAL COST: $2,601.55

NB – This doesn’t include cost for “pull up” nappies used for toilet training etc.


24 x modern cloth nappy (full-time stash) @ $34.95 = $838.80

TOTAL SAVING: $1,762.20

As discussed above, these cost savings will change as your modern cloth nappy usage changes. It’s also worth noting that often when you purchase more than 6 nappies with a brand, you receive a discount on bulk purchases. For example, were you to purchase 24 x nappies from Bubakin, the total cost would come down to just $637.50 for the entire stash.

Discounts for bulk bundles of modern cloth nappies

What about additional costs/savings?

One thing that’s rarely taken into consideration, but something we personally noticed when switching between disposables and modern cloth nappies is the fact babies rarely get nappy rash in reusable nappies due to less chemicals and more breathability.

This means you can avoid forking out big time for the expensive nappy rash creams as MCN’s work best when there’s no barrier cream applied (it can mess with the absorbancy).

Finally, should you use your nappies on subsequent children, you’ll really start to see the financial benefits. And remember, if you follow a proper wash and care routine on your nappies, they’ll be in great condition to resell once you’re done (can’t do that with a disposable nappy!)

Mega cost savings when using MCNs on more than one child


Whilst cost-savings aren’t the only draw card to using modern cloth nappies, it is a big motivation for many families (especially during maternity leave). For more information about our bulk bundles and the discounts you can receive; click here.