A recent customer who is brand new to modern cloth nappies asked us “how can I keep my modern cloth nappies stain-free?”

Of course, this is a reasonable question to ask. And we don’t need to explain to most mothers the crisis of a good-old-fashioned poo explosion.

Fortunately, breastfed poos won’t stain (so no need to worry about using liners!) and when your baby does start solids, keeping nappies stain-free isn’t as hard as it seems.

Keeping nappies stain-free using liners

Bubakin Mini Booster/Liner

All Bubakin modern cloth nappies purchased as a set come with two inserts; a CORE Insert and Mini Booster/Liner. The mini booster/liner can be used either to boost the absorbency when stuffed underneath the main CORE Insert or when placed between baby’s skin and the shell it can be used as a reusable liner. Used this way, it makes any number 2’s easy to flick off into the loo, but it also acts as protection against stains on your shells.

Being that the shells are more expensive to buy than the liners, it’s far most cost-effective to simply replace any stained liners after a period of time, rather than the entire shell.

Disposable liners: another alternative for stain-free nappies

Some modern cloth nappy users prefer to opt for disposable liners. This means that instead of reusing using our Mini Booster, you can dispose of the liner right away. No scrubbing required. Whilst some disposable liners claim to be flushable, ensure you do your research as these can still cause environmental issues.

Sunlight; the natural stain remover

If you’re dealing with stained liners, inserts or outer shells, our favourite method of stain removal is sunlight. Free, environmentally-safe and effective, sunlight works like magic to remove stains from nappies and other surfaces.

Just make sure you try to avoid midday sun when the UV rays are at their strongest as this can deteriorate materials quicker. We recommend early morning sun for best results.

A little extra help from natural products

If you’re really stuck for a safe and environmentally-friendly option for stain removal, there are natural products available (like Tuff Stuff Stain Remover Soap). Of course, we always recommend using natural products that are safe on baby’s skin, which is why doing your research and using natural products is always a winner.

Choose your shell lining to suit

When you purchase Bubakin modern cloth nappies, we give you the option of a charcoal fleece or suedecloth lining. Customers often have different preferences but one of the reasons we allow this choice is for stain management.

Whilst the suedecloth is naturally stain retardant and works well to repel stains, the charcoal fleece is grey in colour which means any stains that do hang around are almost invisible.

In the end, if you are “blessed” with stain-threatening nappy change, get the nappy in a bucket of water ASAP. As with most stains, the sooner you remove the stain-culprit in question, the easier the stain will be to remove.