Using modern cloth nappies might seem like some elusive process with one-hundred-million steps.

Sure, some people might have a very specific process that they follow, but at Bubakin our approach is to do what feels right for our families and to keep it simple!

Here’s a quick overview on how to use modern cloth nappies from start to finish.

Before first use

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Prep your inserts

Once your order arrives, you’ll need to “prep” your inserts. Just like brand new towels, natural fibre inserts usually have loose fibres which reduce absorbency.

All you need to do is pull out the inserts from the nappy and soak them in a bucket of water overnight.

Then, just wash with the rest of your laundry and hang on the line to dry.

Inserts will reach optimal absorbency at around wash 5.

Best to also throw in your nappy shell to this load of laundry just so everything is squeaky clean against baby’s skin.

Stuff your nappy

Once dry, “stuff” your nappy by inserting the CORE insert into the pocket and securing with the snap, and either using the mini booster/liner on top of the shell, or you can also stuff it in the pocket to boost absorbency.  If using to boost, place the mini booster under the core insert.

Fitting the nappy

Start right

Lie baby on change table and place nappy under their bum like you would a disposable. However, the top of the back of the nappy should sit just above the bum crack (which is a lot lower than disposables).

Fold nappy up on the front.

Adjusting the waist

Use the snaps to close the nappy around the waist. A bit of a gap is ideal for when baby needs to sit. Snaps don’t need to be even so if you need a little extra room you can just snap one side out.

If fitting a newborn, you can use the overlap snaps on the wings of the nappy.

You should be able to fit two fingers around the waist.

Adjusting the height

If you need a better fit around the thighs, use the rise snaps to shorten the nappy. The snaps row that runs along the top of the thigh is the perfect height. If you do use the rise snaps, put your fingers in between the snaps and push fabric upwards.

Pull baby’s delicious thigh pudge out from the nappy so the elastic runs along the undie line.

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Watch us change a nappy!

Changing the nappy

Change as often as you would a disposable

Change the nappy every 2-4 hours, or if you’re blessed enough to hear a #2 arrive

On the change table, unsnap the waist snaps, clean everything up using wipes.

What do you do with the poo?

Breastfed poo is water soluable and you don’t need to do anything.

Formula or solids poo can be flicked off into the toilet.

Take out the inserts pop everything into your wetbag.

Washing the nappy

Get familiar with Clean Cloth Nappies Australia Wash Routine

Prewash within 2 days

Gather your nappies and inserts within 2 days of use and throw them in the washing machine.

Run a prewash at 40 – 60 degrees for 20 – 40 mins using a small amount of detergent. This ensures any excess soiling is removed before your main wash.

Main wash within 4 days

Once prewash is complete, add your regular laundry to the washing machine and wash as normal at 40 – 60 degrees.

If you don’t have enough laundry to add to your main wash to finish the clean, you can take your nappies out and pop them in a basket ready for your next main wash.

Time to dry

Once complete, stretch out your inserts so they’re nice and flat and hang them in the sun. UV rays are nature’s stain removers.

Hang your shells in the shade or inside out in the sun if you need some stain removing. It’s best to let nappies dry in the early hours or afternoon so they aren’t in direct sun for too long as this can deteriorate the product.

You can use a dryer to dry everything, however, it’s not recommended as this can wear out elastics and nappies will be voided from warranty.

…and that’s it!


How many nappies do I need?

Modern Cloth Nappies are an addiction

One which we fully support! 

The number of nappies you need will depend on how old your baby is, how often you plan on washing and how you choose to use them. 

The amount of nappies you need is up to you and your family. But here is a guide to how many cloth nappies you might need.


Only in the home / only during the day / only on non-daycare days

Listen, even just one nappy a day is great! But most part-time users have between 6 – 24 nappies and wash every second day.


washing every 2nd day

30 – 40 nappies

Three – Six month olds
20 – 30 nappies

Six months – Toilet Trainers
10 – 25 nappies

These numbers allow for wearing, washing, drying and stuffing times. 

Remember, there is no hard-and-fast rule to how many nappies you need. Just do what feels right to you.

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