Interested in the cute prints but not sure if you’re cut out for the world of modern cloth nappies?


Interested in the cute prints but not sure if you’re cut out for the world of modern cloth nappies?

Here’s a confession;

One half of Bubakin (Maddy – on the left) actually used disposables full-time with her first child.

And when someone one time asked her if she was going to try cloth nappies she actually said “yuck; no”.

But that was before a little education and actually trying something new before passing judgment. Now, she’s a full-blown advocate who can’t get enough of those cute prints and all the benefits that come with them.

Why are we telling you this? Well, we basically want as many bums in cloth as possible. Even if they’re not baby bums in Bubakin, we just want disposable nappies to stay out of landfill (they basically never break down, you see).

Now, we KNOW that there is a lot of misconception out there around modern cloth nappies. That they’re gross, hard to use, and expensive. Oh, and only for hippies.

But we also know the reality of using Bubakin nappies. So we want to show you…


Want to hear what other newbies think about our nappies?

Read an honest review on getting started with Modern Cloth Nappies – by fashion and lifestyle blogger and new mum Hollie Rosier

All the wonderful benefits of using Modern Cloth Nappies

Save baby’s skin

No nasty chemicals (how do you think disposables can hold that much wee?)

Early toilet training

Most Bubakin mums report earlier potty training for their toddlers. And with a lot less fuss

Never run out of nappies

See-ya-later late night supermarket run

Support mums in business

Bubakin is owned by 2 QLD mamas. Shop local, not from big business

No more poo explosions

Bubakin nappies are designed by actual mums meaning they fit really, really well

Pants are optional

With such cute prints there’s no need for pants! Especially great in warm climates and summer

Make new friends

#mumlife can be isolating. Using MCN’s means you get to join a wonderful community of other mums; did someone say “instant friends”?

No more nappy rash

Say bye-bye to sore bums

No yucky smells

With no nasty chemicals mixing around there’s also no more smells

Save the planet

This is a biggie; every time you use a Bubakin nappy, that’s one less disposable hanging around in landfill for the next 500 years


That’s the average amount a full-time MCN user will save PER CHILD

No red marks

Bubakin’s double gusset ensures nappies fit snug without leaving red marks on legs

Chrissy - part-time MCN user

How do you use modern cloth nappies:

For all my kids I’ve used a couple of nappies per day when we are at home. I use disposable for out and about and overnight. I have been known to wait til the kids poop and then switch for the rest of the day to cloth after that.

Why did you get started?

I got started 9 years ago with my first child as a way to reduce nappies going into landfill. I figured if I used 1 per day that was 30 nappies a month I didn’t throw away and that seemed like a good start.

How many nappies do you have? 

At the moment I have about 10 cloth nappies.

What’s your wash routine like?

I usually do a load of nappies every second day, but occasionally will throw a wet one in with the other clothes if I’m starting a load.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve found?

Love the feeling of keeping my waste lower. I could do more but I’m also really busy and exhausted most of the time with 2 kids under 3 and 2 school aged kids as well so not going to beat myself up and just do what I can

Another benefit is they look seriously cute in just nappies and T-shirt’s in summer.

Maxine - just getting started

How do you use modern cloth nappies:

At the moment I just use them at home. I’ve just started using them so trying to get my head around the routine.

Why did you get started?

I know disposables are really bad for the environment but I am also doing it to save money.

How many nappies do you have? 

I just have the three Bubakin nappies from the pack.

What’s your wash routine like?

I just soak the used nappy in the laundry then put it in with the next wash. I also then will usually put it in the dryer (although I know that can wear them quicker) but I’m just doing what’s easiest for me right now.

What’s the biggest benefit you’ve found?

Louis seems really comfortable in them. I also use them as a swim nappy as he’s a big baby and the swim nappies are really tight on him. I like that you can adjust the fit.

Try for yourself with

The Essential Starter Nappy Pack

So, if you’re ready to give Bubakin nappies a go, have a look at the best nappy bundle offer currently available:

For just $74.95 you’ll receive close to $150 worth of value, including:

  • 1 x Suedecloth extra soft PUL outer shell in your choice of artist commission, limited edition print.
  • 1 x Charcoal Fleece extra soft PUL outer shell in your choice of artist commission, limited edition print.
  • Two Inserts per PUL shell – CORE Insert & Mini booster/liner
  • $40 Bubakin credit to be redeemed online when you’re ready to build your stash
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia

All purchases also receive:

  • One-Size-Fits-Most sizing (from newborns to toilet trainers)
  • Care Card – Instruction guide on how to use Bubakin modern cloth nappies
  • Designed in Australia from the ground up, through years of testing and development, ethically manufactured overseas to the highest standards

Each order comes with a thoughtfully planned care card to make it as simple as possible making the switch, and round the clock support to answer all those questions.

Each order comes with a thoughtfully planned care card to make it as simple as possible making the switch, and round the clock support to answer all those questions

Still not convinced?

See what our survey respondents said their biggest obstacles were to starting with Bubakin Modern Cloth Nappies and how they’ve changed their minds.

They're hard to use and extra work

86% of MCN users surveyed said the washing doesn’t bother them.

And if we’re honest, there’s so much extra washing with kids anyway, you don’t really notice a few extra nappies.

And don’t stress; many respondents said they were nervous about getting started. But once they did; they realise just how easy Bubakin nappies are to use!

They're gross: I don't want to touch the poo

Once your a parent, you realise there are times when you’re going to come into contact with poo (let’s just hope those times are few and far between).

When using modern cloth nappies, you never actually “touch the poo”. You simply use the liner to flick it off into the toilet, then throw the used nappy into your wetbag, then straight into the washing machine for a pre-rinse; before adding your regular laundry and washing as normal.

And something else…most Bubakin mamas report little to no-poo explosions compared to disposables (our nappies are designed to fit like a glove.

I'm not a hippy

Firstly, Bubakin is a very inclusive community of mamas and WE LOVE HIPPY’S. 

We also love every other type of mother and think you’re all gosh-darn amazing.

But we need to make this clear. Modern cloth nappies aren’t just for the free-spirited folk around these parts. They’re for everyone!

Whatever your beliefs, lifestyle, home-arrangements, work-arrangements; Bubakin nappies are designed to fit with your family. There’s no right or wrong way to integrate reusable nappies into your life – just start with one and see where it takes you.

They're expensive

The initial investment might seem daunting, but no one is forcing you to go all or nothing!

In fact, we encourage you to START WITH ONE. Or in our case, start with the Essential Starter Nappy Pack where you save a bundle.

Then, it’s time to work out the long term investment. On average, full-time Bubakin users save around $2000 per child instead of using disposable nappies. 

And we don’t know anyone who’s too good for a spare $2000!

Ok, ok. I'll give them a try!

This is it, your chance to take a chance and try something new.

Something that won’t just benefit the planet, but your baby (and your wallet).

If you have any further questions, be sure to hit us up on social media or via email.

Otherwise, it’s time to save the world! One dirty nappy at a time.