Essential Starter Nappy Kit

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Each Essential Starter Nappy Pack includes:

  • 1 x Suedecloth extra soft PUL outer shell in your choice of artist commission, limited edition print.
  • 1 x Charcoal Fleece extra soft PUL outer shell in your choice of artist commission, limited edition print.
  • Two Inserts per PUL shell – CORE Insert & Mini booster/liner
  • $40 Bubakin credit to be redeemed online on any order of 3 Modern Cloth Nappies or more
  • FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Australia

All purchases also receive:

  • One-Size-Fits-Most sizing (from newborns to toilet trainers)
  • Care Card – Instruction guide on how to use Bubakin modern cloth nappies
  • Designed in Australia from the ground up, through years of testing and development, ethically manufactured overseas to the highest standards




Select your Nappies
Nappy 1
This will be your Charcoal Fleece Liner. Includes CORE Insert and Mini Booster.
Nappy 2
This will be your Suedecloth Liner.
$40 Bubakin Credit will be emailed to you with your unique coupon code Limit one Essential Starter Nappy Pack per customer



If you’re new to the land of Modern Cloth Nappies – welcome! We know how overwhelming getting started can feel; but it’s actually really easy once you get your hands on a nappy and start to use it!

We know that once you start using Bubakin nappies, you’ll be hooked (just ask the rest of the VIPs in the Bubakin Facebook Group!) To prove just how confident we are, we’ve just launched our exclusive Essential Starter Nappy Pack.

This pack includes:

  • 2 x Bubakin V3 Nappy in style of your choice
  • CORE Insert and Mini Booster/Liner for each nappy
  • FREE SHIPPING Australia wide
  • $40 Bubakin voucher to be redeemed for orders of 3 Modern Cloth Nappies or more when you’re ready to start building your stash!

The Bubakin V3 Nappy is our best nappy yet. Extensive research and testing with real Australian mums and their babies has led to the creation of a thirsty, trim fitting modern cloth nappy designed for performance and comfort. Boasting one of the softest PUL shells available, our double gusset design to prevent leaks/explosions and available in two different linings, our V3 shells are perfect for those just starting their nappy journey, through to the fussiest and most experienced MCN addict.

Features and Benefits:

  • Trim fitting – ideal for the long, slim babies to the deliciously chunky
  • Easy adjustable snaps – covering your little one from birth to toilet training (approx. 3.5-16kg)
  • Double gussets for superior fit and leak prevention
  • Extra soft PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) outer shell – breathable, waterproof fabric
  • Absorption versatility – from light to heavy wetters we can offer solutions to help combat flooding
  • All-in-two allows for quicker drying time with the option of pocket stuffing inserts or snap-in
  • Your choice of shell lining (Charcoal fleece or Suedecloth)
  • All nappies and inserts are 100% vegan

Available in two different linings:

  • Charcoal Fleece – odour fighting and antibacterial properties, wicks wetness away
  • Suedecloth – soft to touch, wicks wetness away from babies skin and is stain resistant

How to choose the best lining for you and your baby:

You have chosen your favourite print – YAY! …. So what’s next? Your nappy shell consists of two main parts:
1. PUL outer, this is the printed, waterproof outer shell
2. Absorbent Inserts which suck up all moisture and can be removed.

All of our V3 nappies have two options for the nappy inner.  The material has been specially selected to draw moisture away from the skin and through to the absorbent layer underneath.  Both materials are man-made, it is purely a personal preference on which inner you prefer for your bub.

Charcoal Fleece (grey) – soft and cuddly against baby’s skin, the fabric contains a natural anti-microbial agent to help prevent bacteria cultivation.

Suedecloth (white) – a stain-resistant polyester fabric that works similar to charcoal fleece, however, it is slightly lighter and thinner which some people in warmer climates prefer as it feels dryer faster and doesn’t seem to feel as warm in humidity.

*$40 credit valid for purchases of 3 Modern Cloth Nappies or more. Valid for 6 months. Credit can only be used in subsequent transactions. Limit one Essential Starter Nappy Pack per customer. 

Getting to know your nappy

How to use

Care Instructions

11 reviews for Essential Starter Nappy Kit

  1. Dani (verified owner)

    Love the trial pack. Very soft and cute designs!

  2. erin

    Love the pack, hope to buy more in the near future!

  3. erin

    Awesome pack

  4. Gemma (verified owner)

    Within the first few uses I knew I’d found a brand I liked. I bought them to trial on my 2yo and will definitely be getting more for no.2 arriving in April. I prefer the charcoal lining it seems easier to get ‘bits’ off.

  5. Susan_A (verified owner)

    This trial pack is the perfect way to see if Bubakin nappies are for you without having to buy heaps and hope for the best! You get the equivalent of 3 nappies for the price of 2 with the $40 voucher.

    I especially love the fact you get to choose your own designs and they aren’t sent at random.

  6. Jessica lennard (verified owner)

    We love bubakins!

    This is such good value for money, I now have 4 Bubakins after purchasing the trial pack and they are the first ones I reach for. Waiting for a new release of patterns and I’ll be adding more to my stash! They are a Beautiful fit and we are yet to have a single leak.

    The only slight negative is the inserts take a little longer to dry than other brands.. generally not a problem for us being on the sunny qld coast but if we have a few rainy day’s I get around this by having a few extra inserts ❤️

    Love love love

  7. Stefania Makara (verified owner)

    I purchased this pack after a friend recommended bubakin nappies. It is an awesome and economical way to trial these nappies as you can use the additional credit with no minimum purchase – so I just bought another nappy 😊.
    You can also choose your preferred designs and the material you want to use for the inside of the nappy.
    I have few brands in my stack and interestingly, my husband reaches for bubakins the most! I used them for night as well (with booster) with no leaks, and they seem to be less bulky than other brands – even when boosted.

  8. Brittany Hardie (verified owner)

    Ftm here, I hadn’t really considered using cloth mostly just due to not really knowing much about them however after having a discussion and demo on mcn at my mums group I decided to give it a go.

    I was originally given another brand mcn to trial however found it leaked at the legs, was very bulky and hard to get a good fit.
    After doing some research I came across Bubakin and decided I liked the look of their design especially the double leg gusset I also thought the liners were much simpler to use and less bulky than the previous one I had tried.

    I purchased the starter kit first, I chose one nappy in each material to trial and I absolutely love the fit on my Bub, they are really so easy to fit and we haven’t had a single leak or poo explosion since using them.
    I’m slowly adding my Bubakin’s stack and building up my supply with the aim to stop using disposable all together.

    They really are that simple to use and wash really well.

    Since using Bubakin nappies we haven’t had any nappy rash or redness like we had when using disposables.
    We love them and are definitely a mcn convert thanks to Bubakin!

    I recommend them to all my mum friends and those hesitant to take the leap into the world of mcn.

    From someone who never considered using mcn at all to someone who now raves about them thanks to Bubakin’s easy and efficient design.
    My partner jokes and says I can be the next company rep I rave about them that much 😂

  9. Tegan Gregory (verified owner)

    Purchased the trial pack and was very pleased. I am new to MCN and wanted to try a few different types and brands. The double gusset made the nappy nice and secure.

    They are well made and are easy to use! Which is what we want in a nappy as a newbie !

  10. Rachel OBrien (verified owner)

    I thought the trial pack was excellent money for value. I’m new to MCN but I really love my Bubakins! The prints are so vibrant and just put a smile on my face! I can’t wait to use my $40 credit for more, just waiting for some more print options 🙂

  11. Shannan (verified owner)

    This was the perfect trial pack to work out which liner I liked in my nappies better (charcoal or suede cloth) and if they would fit my baby without having to invest a ton of money to find out they didn’t suit my child
    Thankfully they did and they are the first nappies I reach for in my growing stash

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