When I discovered I was pregnant I suddenly felt a strong desire to understand what chemicals I was being exposed to on a daily basis, and learn more about my environmental impact. It’s something that was always in the back of my mind, but now it was front and centre. As my partner would say, I was entering the “hippie zone” but I didn’t see it as that at all. I was growing a life, I wanted to limit toxins and to do what I could to preserve the world for the next generation.

My first thoughts when researching Modern Cloth Nappies

I researched how to get started with modern cloth nappies and I loved the idea of them, but the overwhelm of becoming a new mother meant I didn’t feel I had the mental capacity to deal with yet another new thing. Plus, there wasn’t much information about getting started with modern cloth nappies. 

Surprise! You’re a mother

Fast forward a few months and my son arrived unexpectantly early (two months early to be precise).  So my hopes and dreams of creating his perfect Welcome-to-the-World were thrown into shambles and getting started with modern cloth nappies was the last thing on my mind.

Mason – now almost two years old

We spent the first few months of Mason’s life in ICU and then SCU. It meant my focus was just on the day-to-day requirements of a premature baby in hospital; nothing more. And finally, after 1 ½  months, we were allowed to go home, and settle into our new roles, me as a mother and Mason as my son.

Our first days at home

He was tiny, 1.7Kg when born, and only 2.1kg after 6-weeks in hospital when we were allowed home, cloth nappies were still far from my mind when we arrived home, but as he grew stronger and bigger I knew it was something I wanted to revisit.  So, I packed all-the-things into my nappy bag and took myself to Nest Nappies in Paddington (Brisbane). The owner of the store, Vashti, spent hours with me talking me through everything there was to learn about modern cloth nappies. As I sat in her store, feeling comfortable and welcomed and supported as I breastfed Mason, I started to feel at ease about starting modern cloth nappies. Vashti has been the most instrumental person in my modern cloth nappy journey and she is just an amazing person to be around. 

My first modern cloth nappy

That day, I bought one nappy – just one. And if I’m honest, it was the print that got me; a cactus print. I couldn’t resist those cute little spiky plants so I took it home and thought, “lets just give it a go. If I don’t like it then it wasn’t a massive investment.”  

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t know if I had the fit right, how to really wash it or if it would even work. So, I turned to facebook groups where I was flooded with messages of support and helpful tips from groups of other mums using cloth nappies who flourished being able to discuss the benefits, new brands or tips with other like minded mums.

How to get started with modern cloth nappies: my day-by-day recount

Day 1

The fit was terrible (mainly due to me not knowing what I was doing). I was constantly checking him, and we had a few leaks (mostly due to the poor fit) I was a little discouraged but once again the army of other cloth mums were quick to offer encouragement which gave me hope.

Day 2

The fit was better, no leaks and being summer I loved that he could wear this cute printed nappy and a singlet (maybe this wasn’t so bad after all).

Day 3

POO – yep, this little person I created had excreted in my beautiful printed nappy, what do I do now?!  I was worried:

Do I touch it? 

How do I wash it?

Will it stain?

….. and the answer was simple, no you don’t touch it, you throw it in the washing machine (breastfed poo is water soluble) and no stains stuck around.

Hmmm…this actually was quite easy, having a reflux baby I was forever washing anyway so I didn’t even notice any increase in washing.

Day 4

I was hooked. I had loved the experiences so far; the whole process was so much easier than I had anticipated and I loved the community of other mothers online. I felt like I wasn’t all alone in this brand new world of motherhood. 

What I think about starting modern cloth nappies

And that was it for me, one little nappy to give it a go and I was hooked. 

Whilst I’m not a full-time cloth mum, I know I’m doing what I can for the environment, my son’s skin and my wallet. I still use disposables at night or sometimes when I am out and about, and that’s ok. 

And this is the same thing I want to tell Bubakin customers. It’s not all-or-nothing. You can use modern cloth nappies as much or as little as you like.

I just know every time I pop a cloth nappy on my son, I get the warm and fuzzies that there is one less disposable going to landfill, I have saved 50c from being thrown in the bin and that his cute prints can easily be accessorised with a singlet for the hot Queensland summers. Plus, who wants to wear pants anyway?

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